Design Styles: Polychrome & Black-on-White: Bear, Antelope, Deer heartline figures, and geometric designs.


Lucy began making pottery in the 1920's and began signing her pieces around 1950, she made pottery through the 1970's.

Born: 1898 or 1900

Deceased: 1992

Vessel Forms: Jars/Ollas, Bowls, Snake & Turkey Effigies, Corrugated Jars



Ivan Lewis - Son

Margaret Lewis Lim - Daughter

Anne Lewis Hansen - Daughter

Andrew (Dres) Lewis - Son

Ema Lewis Mitchell - Daughter

Mary Lewis Garcia - Daughter

Dolores Lewis Garcia - Daughter

Cecilia Marie Lewis Lucero (Belle) - Daughter

Carmel Lewis Haskaya - Daughter



Allard Auctions, Inc. November 2008

(Lot # 21)

Manitou Galleries 4th Annual Auction, August 2007

(Lot # 40)

Allard Auctions, Inc. August 2005

(Lot # 311)

Old Barn Auction, July 2004

(Lot #  377)

Southwestern Pottery Anasazi to Zuni

By Allan Hayes and John Blom. ©1996











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